Here are the facilitator's guide and agenda for Beginning Podcasting.

By Susan Gilley
Technology Coordinator, Bergman School District

What is podcasting?

Podcasting without an ipod.
· Download itunes to your computer –

What you need to get started
  • Computer
  • Headphones with a microphone
  • Internet Access
  • Time

Step-by-step tools for creating your own podcast
  • Audio podcasting
§ Click on
§ Click on create my free podcast now
§ Click on create my free podcast now again
§ Pick a title and enter the title in for your podcasting page
§ Create and enter the podcast url that you want for your podcast
§ Pick and enter your username and password to enter the site.
§ Pick and enter a display name for this specific podcast
§ Enter your e-mail address
§ Enter the security word
§ Click to agree to their terms and conditions
§ Click on go to next step
§ Choose a template
§ Click create my podcast
§ Download the podcast recorder
§ Open the podcast recorder
§ Click on the red record button
§ Record your podcast
§ Place the advertisement
§ Click on save if you want
§ Click on publish
§ Type in your username and password and click on login
§ Give your podcast a title, a description, and click that is free from copyright, click ok
§ Click Yes to see your podcast on the web
§ Click Subscribe to itunes if you want to put your podcasts into your itunes library.
§ View a sample here -
· Video Podcasting -

· Podcasting with Slides
§ Download the slidestory publisher client
§ Login/Sign Up
§ Open slidestory publisher
§ Click on edit, give your podcast a category, title, description, and tags
§ Click on add and browse for your jpeg photo
§ Add your photos and arrange them in the order you want
§ Click on each photo and click on record to record the information you want for each photo
§ Click on file – save to save your slide story
§ Click on publish to publish your slide story
§ Click on view to view your slide story podcast
§ To view some slidestory podcasts I have created – check out this web address –

Advanced users might want to check out these programs
· Audacity –

Sample podcasts
· Teacher Tube -
· The Podcast Directory –
· Radio Willow Web -
· The Education Podcast Network -
· School Tube –

Added tidbits that have nothing to do necessarily with podcasting but are interesting to digital immigrants
· Create a delicious account – and take your favorites wherever you go.
· Check out my delicious account – and start networking bookmarks –
· Check out the videos you find on teacher tube. This is an example one on social bookmarking in plain English
· Photo collages cause children don’t learn by bulleted lists anymore
· Wish you could send someone a big file, but your e-mail won’t let you – check out this web site -
· Add something you learned from a neighbor while visiting during the presentation._